Monday, August 5, 2013

When characters disrupt your editing pen

When I read my work I read what I think I have written - not the actual words on the page. I've tried everything. Leaving it for a couple of weeks and months. Reading it aloud to myself or a group. I still tend to read what I THINK I have written.

 I've printed it out on coloured paper, a trick a lot of dyslexics use. I've read it one sentence at a time backwards, couldn't do it! I've tried not reading and editing until I have finished the piece. I have tried editing yesterdays work before I start writing for the day.

And it's not just the spelling and punctuation. Repetition! Holes in plots! I haven't given my characters enough time to complete a task. Sometimes my characters repeat the same action - putting the kettle on all the time. Worse of all, my characters forget they are educated and middle class and display working class behaviour. I can't think why?

Then an easy mistake to make is - making leaps. One minute they are in the kitchen the next, in the garden. It's enough to drive you insane.

The worse is when my characters flatly refuse to end up in the place they should be. They resist the ending in my head and finish in a place they think they deserve to be. 

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  1. Don't underestimate your readers by explaining too much. they are brighter than you think. Barry