Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am not alone

4am in the morning. Nature hasn't even woke up. The gaggle of girls have FINALLY quietened down. And, the dog decided to come in again, as I knew he would and complain. 

4.30am the kids and the dog finally sleep. But the dog sleep complains. He tuts, mutters, growls and sniffs in his sleep.

Now I first started having sleep problems at 14, i've been on and off tablets since 17. But, when it is other people stopping you from dropping off it is more irritating. I want to write, but the words won't come. 

So I scrolled through Facebook and Matt Wingett had shared a link, a funny video about a girl having a rant. I don't know this woman, but I felt such a strong connection. I can't get over that somewhere on another part of this planet, there is someone else, from a different country and race who has the same sort of breakdowns that I do! I can't work out if I'm pleased, or freaked out that I'm not unique.

But I have prayed that this beautiful young woman gets some peace.

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