Thursday, August 22, 2013


Not only have I been feeling the natural nerves associated with performing at a large Festival, I'm a bit anxious about giving feedback on other writers work at The Writers @ Lovedean tomorrow. It's like drinking to much coffee, my hands tremble and my heart dances out of beat.  I really need to shake my self up and get through this. Especially since the Victorious Festival is this weekend.

My oldest daughter was fabulously helpful  last night. She read my work and gave some great feedback. It was nice getting the pep talk rather than giving it. I think she enjoyed quoting cliches back at me. 

It's been great writing fiction again. I like the way the story is unfolding at the moment. It's not a commercial piece, I'm simply having fun again. Plus I'm finding it beneficial to have my teenage daughter nag me into more fiction. 

Tonight the girls are having their friends sleep over. So I'm not expecting much sleep. Even if the girls don't giggle all night. The dog will keep coming in to grumble. It's not as if he doesn't like guests, he just thinks that after 45 minutes they should go home again.

Watson feels the need to go and see what they children are doing, snuff and complain at them, and then come into my room to snuff and complain, and so it goes on...If he's asleep and someone wakes him, he can become quiet unpleasant, rather like Father Jack from the Father Ted series.

He doesn't approve of children laughing and playing. He objects to high pitch screams. 

BUT I need to have my head examined. It's ridiculous to be nervous of a sleepover because the dog doesn't approve.

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