Friday, August 23, 2013

Roz Ryszka-Onions Guest Blog

I'm really pleased that thriller writer Roz Ryszka-Onions agreed to be my guest today. I do hope you will check out 'Hidden Evil' on Amazon Kindle.

After gaining a BA in German and Politics from Salford University I moved to London where I worked in Media Sales for several years. Bored and tired of the commercial world I went on a quest to reinvent my working life and drifted into writing. 
After several years of being side tracked by a cosmetics business I ran with my husband, an interior design course, motherhood and a fascination with alternative therapies and all things New Age I've decided that I am now a full time writer and have gravitated towards my first love, which is the humble thriller in its many guises.

Features for the esoteric press; Kindred Spirit, Soul and Spirit, Chat Its Fate, Natural Health, Prediction Magazine.
Chichester Writers Anthology.
Chichester University Otter Gallery Poetry Anthology, due out soon.
My debut novel, a supernatural thriller available on amazon kindle; Hidden Evil.

1. I am presently editing my latest novel, a psychological/political thriller set in Bosham against the backdrop of a romance.

2. In a way writing seems to be the only thing which fits and literature across all the genres my most enduring love; except for my family and house bunnies!

3. Although I didn't know it at the time, part of what inspires me to write comes from the thrillers I read as a young teenager. Whilst at the time I would have said I didn't enjoy school or sixth form, studying German and French literature at A Level shaped me more than I realised, as did my Economics teacher.

4. I don't feel equipped to second guess my readers, but I would hope that they enjoy reading my work and, at times, that it gives food for thought.

5. 'Hidden Evil' doesn't have a message per se. It is loosely based on my own experiences and those of other people and I hope it reflects some aspects of life or, if you pardon the pun, it being essentially a ghost story, death.

6. A lengthy one! I tend to visualise each scene, scribble the bare bones down in a pad, then type that up and then re-write it to fit some sort of coherent framework.

7. I had this (I realise now) strange notion after growing up in Manchester and living in London that village life would be charming, calming and a delight. What I didn't realise is that humanity is more suited to living in small neat cities rather than disparate clusters of houses built on stretches of land with a powerful spirit of its own.
Whenever my husband and I stayed in a B&B in the middle of nowhere, it was peaceful and exciting. A far cry from living in a house set in pitch black and driving home on my own without the aid of street lights and so my writers' imagination got to work!

8. Love comes from the heart and can't be forced. Even witches shy away from love spells! My daughter does love to read and when she was a baby I bought hundreds of picture story books about dinosaurs, rabbits, tigers, trolls, monsters and other such delights and we used to read them together, but I think if the love is there it will show itself anyhow. We are lucky in that we coincide in our love of books and film.

9. I've endeavoured to write an entertaining page turner whilst aiming to shine a light on, what is quite often treated as a dark topic, that of poltergeist activity, hauntings and mediumship.

10. Books have been a comfort to me. When I've felt isolated I've re-connected with the world through the words and perception of other writers.

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  1. Very interesting to hear about some of the background to your story. I really liked the book.