Monday, August 26, 2013

Victorious Festival 2013 - a picture blog

I've been going over some of the photographs I took over the weekend. I thought it may be nice to have a photo blog post of the Victorious Festival.

A working microphone, since they are going extinct I thought I better take a photo.

The lovely Zella Compton sharing a fairy tale with a twist! You can
read her work in The Ten Rules of Skimming.

 The family having a bit of fun.

Trying to get a few arty shots.

Getting a breath of air before the performance.

The talented James Schillemore who organised the Spoken Word Event!
Off the Post a great book for children.

Joe McQuilken is a great poet with so much energy - I love his work,
once seen never forgotten.

I always enjoy hearing Diana Bretherick read, she knows so much about her subject
matter. I was a little freaked out when she read the chapter of her novel. It was the
same chapter that  I had read the night before the event.
 I'm really enjoying the novel
 (but seriously - what are the odds?)
City of Devils by Diana Bretherick

Will Sutton was revealing some toe tapping talents. He's a
great sport, he even made time to listen to some of my daughters poetry.
I hope you buy his book
Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square

The lovely Annie Kirby treated the audience to a couple of chapters from the
novel she's working on. I hope it gets picked up by an agent or publisher, it's so
well written. If you have a story about Portsmouth you should get in touch. Annie is part of
the You, Me and Everyone Project.

It's the first time I've heard this kid read - but watch this space, the girl got talent.
I wish I was writing like her at her age. The name is Katie Gill. I'm
hoping she will be a guest on my blog before she gets famous.

Me having a great old time.

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