Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glass of water and bag of crisps

I get nervous speaking to my publisher. I always feel like I've done something wrong or that I'm in trouble. However, the conversation yesterday was really nice. She told me to enjoy my weekend away, and extended my deadline to next Friday. It's still going to be tight getting the work in by then. But it was a weight off.

So after the phone call at around four in the afternoon, I told my girls they would have to make their own tea and went to bed.  At 5:45 they ended up in bed with me watching a variety of kids movies. My oldest daughter disappeared, and then returned with burgers for them, and a ham sandwich for me. I didn't complain about them eating in my bed. 

Hubby decided he's coming too, he wandered in at 9:30 last night worried about taking two days off work.

I know the dishes aren't washed up AND I haven't packed for our weekend away. Which is unlike me I like to have everything in the car the night before. My temperature is finally down, I'm feeling a lot better, except for the pain. It feels like I have badgers gnawing at my kidneys. 

I am warm, and comfortable writing my blog. Every so often some one pops their face around the door or wants a cuddle because they aren't sure what to do. And I don't feel like jumping up and getting everyone organised. 

In half an hour the plumber will be here to do work in the kitchen.

Hubby popped his head around the door and asked if I needed anything. I told him I'm suppose to take my tablet with food and he's come back with a drink of water, and a packet of crisps. For some mad reason this seems significant to me. 

So this leaves the question...if Mum checks out will we get to Swanage? 

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