Sunday, August 4, 2013

Southsea Show 2013

Yesterday was my first visit to the Southsea Show. I was a little apprehensive because I didn't do well at my last performance.  I always advise people that 'feel the fear and do it anyway' is the best approach to life - I knew I had to read. We went a little early and it was nice walking around with Simon, taking pictures of the girls on the Ferris wheel and different rides. The whole place had a lovely vibe.

Then I settled down in the beer tent. I thought I recognised the band from Tongues and Grooves and me and Jessica wandered over to say hello and to offer the guy a beer if he would tune her ukulele. I was sure I'd seen these guys at the RMA tavern. Is there anything more embarrassing then when you calmly start chatting to someone only to realise it isn't the person you thought it was! Basically I'd asked a perfect stranger to tune a ukulele - he must had thought I was mad! Anyway - Saltwatersun - fabulous, my nerves were just floating away as I got absorbed in the music. AND after their set the guy came over and tuned the ukulele - what a gentleman! I was just being a little cheeky and trying to get some of their music off sound cloud when it hit me!

Where was Maggie, Margaret and the other Tongues and Grooves guys? There had been a change of plan and we were now performing somewhere else. I legged it across the field breaking both heels on my sandals desperately looking for the correct tent. I was so relived why Maggie shouted me over and I found everyone. Fate had stepped in and Tongues and Grooves was asked to read a little later which was good - I hadn't missed my slot.  Fate had also caused a thunder storm to blow away our tent last night which wasn't so good. I had a few of my 'loud' nerves, but I got up and did my piece.  It's always difficult reading in the open with lots of background noise. But I think we didn't let poetry down on Saturday!

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