Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stupid, stupid, stupid

There's no denying it I feel awful today, but at least now I know what it is. I saw the doc last week and he claims I need lots of tests. Then yesterday morning I went for blood test. I nipped out at lunch to see another writer. When I came home my daughter stood up and in her best 13 year old dramatic voice said 'the GP phoned you need to go to the practice right away.'

I must admit a slight squishy feeling in my gut. But on arrival, waiting for me was a prescription - I have a kidney infection. Of course the pharmacy didn't have my antibiotics so instead of going to a different chemist getting my pills and a large bottle of water (yes once again the cottage has no water - long story.) I took the girls to Fareham to buy school shoes and stationary. 

Did I get my prescription? No
Did I stop to drink while shopping? No
Did I drink lots of fluids when I got home? No

Did I wake up at 3 am weeing blood, throwing up? Yes

What the hell is wrong with me? I know this stuff!

My diet yesterday consisted of nothing in the morning, fasting blood test. Two home made ginger biscuits and lemon drizzle cake for lunch. I love Carol she is a beautiful lady, but she must have sold her soul to the devil to be able to bake like that. I ate the cake she sent home for the children in the car. Big Mac no fries (trying to be healthy by cutting out the potatoes. I had just bought school shoes.) Not forgetting just before going to bed I found a quarter pack of tortilla chips, all that salt, is it any wonder that today I'm in agony?

Small quantities of food which are high in fat, sugar, salt and calories that give little or no nutritious value. I can recite the warnings.

Will I stay at home today, drink fluids and take it easy? No 
 I promised youngest child that I would take her to her new friends house for a play date and I need to once again rehash the Frankenstein MS. Plus I've got to pack for our weekend break to Swanage, we are leaving tomorrow.

I feel, and I have felt rough for the last couple of weeks. I've had a temperature since the Umbrella Festival at the Groundlings on the 9th. But I kept chucking down a couple of paracetamol and ignoring it. When I finally went to sleep last night I dreamt I was hit in the back by a truck - this morning I could believe it happened.

Well it's big lifestyle changes now! I sent an email to friends last night telling them that I will be going to the gym more - and me and the girls have joined a running club. If you admit out loud that you are trying to get healthy people nag.

Once this play date is over, and I'm up to date with my outstanding projects, and I've got the house sorted. I am going to structure zen like relaxation into my day.


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