Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rising above the clutter

Despite a full hour of erratic dithering yesterday morning, I'm very proud of how much I achieved. Some jobs you can over look, but bathroom, kitchen always need to be kept on top off for obvious reasons. Then, if the house is cluttered my mind feels cluttered. 

The annoying thing with getting the big things done. The grass and the ironing.  Is that you can work all day and the place still looks like a tip. 

My oldest daughter decided she wanted to decorate her room. She proceeded to box up all her belongings and stack them on the landing at the beginning of the holiday. And then  she left it there. She got busy with her social life. When I ask her if she is going to wipe down the wood work so we can paint it's 'yeah, I will, tomorrow.'

It is slowly driving me crazy.  

Tomorrow the girls have friends staying over. They are nice kids. But I've always struggled living with other people. Even at Uni I was unable to share a house. Until I married I went on holidays on my own. I intend to retreat to my bedroom and leave them to it. 

I am aware of the chaos. I am simply going to rise above it.

Today, it is a matter of focusing on the workload ahead. I need to do massive rewrites for my second manuscript and the publisher is breathing down my neck for it. I'm determined to start the day with a bit of creative writing as a reward for the 14 hour day I put in yesterday. 

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