Sunday, August 25, 2013

Victorious Festival - before the performance

It is the morning of the Victorious Festival. I haven't been happy with my last couple of performances. I've let others take me out of the zone, drunks, microphones and car passengers. So back to basics.

I've been watching the Facebook pictures of the masses of people with dread. No one can deny that this is a big one. So I'm reminding myself that leading up to a performance is a stressful time and most people will get a bit nervous, it is normal and healthy to have a bit of adrenaline running through your veins. 

Before any performance being prepared is the most important factor.  Rehearsing and knowing exactly what you are doing will give you piece of mind and you will automatically relax.  If you are a Mum this is harder. You have to make sure that kids are ready, packed and haven't forgotten anything before you leave. So the massive checklist was done YESTERDAY.
I'm currently writing my blog and having a quiet moment to myself.  I can hear the girls laughing and chatting downstairs. But I'm lying on my bed running through the performance in my mind to get me in the right head space.

Many people have individual preferences of how they relax and it is about learning what works best for you.  My suggestions include; being prepared, meditation, listening to music and breathing techniques.


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