Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sun, sea and trains - an English Break

Brilliant and much needed break away. The girls went to the beach and snorkelled everyday. I went crab fishing, a passion of mine. We looked in all the little sea side shops. Took the train to Corfe Castle and followed in the footsteps of Enid Blytons famous five and had some ginger beer. We visited the clay mine at Norton. 

What can I say about the YMCA - clean and good value for money. The food and staff was excellent. But to me two sets of bunk beds in a room felt like a cell. I must be getting soft, I need an en suite bathroom. The antibiotics, although working well, are making me sick sick sick. So around 7 last night when I was a bit fed up of throwing up in teeny tiny toilets, I asked if the family would mind coming home early rather than travelling home after breakfast the next day. Thankfully they jumped at the chance, eager to be in their own beds after all that swimming and climbing around a castle.

Last night I sunk into a bubble bath and then my own bed. Pure undiluted pleasure. I still feel a little green around the gills, and the kidneys are letting me know they are there. But this morning I have awoke (after strange dream with computers, printers and sexually transmitted diseases) full of writing ideas. 

The only fly in the ointment is looking at my diary for next week and deciding where to put in the new exercise programme. I'm so tempted to use the tablets and kidney infection as an excuse - but since I haven't let it stop me from doing anything I like, I don't suppose I can.

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