Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fears icy fingers

After a sleepless night it is here. Today I enrol at university. Icy fingers are clutching my bowels. I'm terrified.

But what exactly am I scared of?

I'm investing hard cash and time into myself.
The children will come home from school to an empty house. They are older now and have been trained on how to cope. I will be home at six. But guilt comes with motherhood I guess.
The driving and parking is high on my list.
Next is the IT requirements. I had to ask for help in registering online. I prefer to be self reliant. I still haven't managed to up load my photo from my phone. 
Worries about editing and proof reading my work are also a major concern. 
I've read the information the University has sent out and I'm still unsure this is actually the right day. I can't make heads of tails of what I'm suppose to do - especially the details on finance! 

And if I'm completely honest, I'm a little frightened about my hospital procedure on Friday - which is also silly because its a day operation.

According to articles online, mature students are worried about fitting in. I've never fit in, but I am concerned about being loud.

So there they are. All my worries real and imagined.

Now the only thing to do is walk the dog.
Get my jobs done for the day. 
And then go and enrol.

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