Monday, September 2, 2013

Congratulations Abigail Comley and Sophie Lee

Last night The Writers at Lovedean went down to Rosie's Wine Bar to take part in a live story evening called,'Write Invite' run by Rob Richardson. It was a great evening, and a brilliant turn out from the group. The members reading were;

Mick Cooper
Lynne Stone
Margaret Jennings

I was pleased that some members took that brave first step to read aloud. It is very difficult to stand in front of the crowd. First time readers were;

Sophie Lee
Barbara McMeekin
Abigail Comley

The level of stories were incredibly high. 

I was pleased and proud when Sophie Lee came in third place - first time out - very impressive. And that my little girl Abigail Comley scooped up second place. 

Needless to say that the writing bug is very strong at my house at the moment. It was a lovely night and it had a great atmosphere. I would strongly recommend checking out Rob Richardson site and competitions. 

This Saturday he's running a day out for writers which is a bargain for £10.

Rob Richardson
Write Invite - Short Story Competitions


  1. Rob and his WriteInvite (and subsidiaries) are fabulous. I haven't been able to go for ages (Scouts and my adult autism group take place on a Monday) but I miss going and listening to the stories. Congratulations to Sophie and especially to Abigail!