Monday, September 9, 2013

Trying a different approach

I'm usually a good time management person. Over the last couple of months I've began to sink under my work load. I would get so far, hit a brick wall which usually had a plug on the end, ie printer, computer. So I would start something else. Nothing was getting finished.

My partner has worked as a Project Manager in the software industry.  I saw a completely new side to him on Sunday. We walked the dog, had a coffee, and looked at my workload. He looked at the list, and the first thing he did was insist that anything that wasn't my responsibility was bounced back with a message  that I was to busy to complete. He refused to listen to any comments of why I HAVE to do it rather than the other person. My to do list dropped by a third.

He didn't want to know 'what' the work was just the completion dates. Each task was then broken down into exactly what was needed to be done. He scribbled percentages in the margins. It was a challenge for me handing over control.

Three important emails were sent out, 
My manuscript was formatted (with Simons help - what am I trying to prove and to who?) and sent out.
BEFORE I started formatting the second manuscript I sent an email to the publisher checking if they wanted me to do it since it had already gone out for peer review.
I registered on my University course - I still need a photo!   
I purchased my book list.
I contacted the landlord.

I'm not sure how this method worked or if I could use it alone. What was completely beneficial was having twenty minutes in a cafe discussing my workload, my plans, the tasks I needed to do. Time focused entirely on me. 

This morning I have not jumped out of bed to walk the dog, go to the gym and dash to complete chores. I have a dentist appointment at 10:30. It was Sunday yesterday, I worked. I'm now relaxing until my appointment, then I will start on things when I get back. It will be interesting to see how a more relaxed approach will affect my productivity. 

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