Monday, September 2, 2013

Watson and the other dog trainer.

Rabbits, rodents and wild critters, are in for a stressful and probably short life if they venture into the Westie's path. He will pursue with tenacity anything that moves. 

I see the start of September as the real New Year, and the time to get me into a new and healthy structured day. Now the children are taking the bus to school I am excited. The plan is:
Leave house the same time as the children: 7:50am.
Walk dog : 8 - 8:30 am
Get to gym 8:40 thirty minute work out 9:10am
Watson's second walk (needed if I want to write) 15 minutes
Back home:9:30am
Quick tidy, make a brew and get a piece of fruit - start work at 10 am 

The 2nd of September 2013.

School hadn't started so my youngest daughter came with me. We were at the woods at 7:45. We were all enjoying a lovely walk, and was just approaching the car park after a 30 minutes later,  when we heard something in the undergrowth.

8:15am No Watson.

8:25am we start shouting in a happy voice.

9:10am we are looking in the undergrowth.

9:20am we check he's not waiting for us by the car.

9:25am we stand in the forest loudly discussing going to KFC and whether to buy strips or popcorn chicken. Watson hates popcorn chicken, still no Watson.

9:30am I'm on the path youngest daughter going through the undergrowth and a jolly female dog trainer enter the woods with a gaggle of students with their dogs.

At this point you should know that owners of challenging dogs frequently get trainers pass you their cards on walks, and depressingly sometimes other owners give you trainers numbers. 

I'm now screaming into the trees, 'fine, stay in the damn forest! I'm going to buy a new dog! Good luck living on squirrels. And according to QI - you can eat rabbits every day and if you don't eat veg with them you die of malnutrition!' 

The dog trainer gets the owners to walk their dogs to heel in pairs, she stands near me, and gives me her card. It happens, I smile, now I feel that trainer and group should walk away - they don't.

Dog trainer to group: (I'm not sure if she thinks I can't hear her!) This is a doggy don't.

The group nod, including a pompous chocolate lab.

Dog trainer: I've seen you before, Westie?
Me: Yes.

Dog trainer: Westies, great dog but they are...(she pauses but the group say nothing) terriers. 

Me: He always come back eventually, usually with something dead.

Dog trainer: Terriers like to hunt small animals and the forest is full off...(she pauses but the group say nothing) animals. 

She turns to me

You need energy. You need to be more exciting than a rabbit. You need ...(she pauses, I don't answer, but I don't punch her in the face either) a squeaky toy. Take my number, I will offer you the first walk free (she looks at group and smiles) I'll sort him out.

They leave. I gnash my teeth - but I'm going to take the free walk, I'm from Lancashire.

9:40am Watson barks and lets us know where he is. He is trying to drag a large dead rabbit out of a blackberry bush. The rabbit is attached to the brambles. It takes a while to convince the dog that we aren't going to climb into a bramble patch to get the rabbit and that the dead rabbit is in such a tangle he isn't going to be able to pull it out. 

Life lesson

When you tell people your problems YOU are inviting that person into your life. It's no use getting fed up because you don't like their advice or frustrated if they don't understand. It's your own damn fault you invited them in.

It is really annoying when some stranger comes up to you and gives you I unrequested advice.

Also, Watson is always nice and chilled out after a successful kill.


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