Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What exciting times we live in...

Both of my girls enjoy joining the reading scheme at the local library. So it was a good opportunity to take the time to have a coffee with a poet from The Writers @ Lovedean yesterday to discuss self promotion of both an individual and a writing group.

The Re Authoring event was looking at ways writers could present their work to a different audience and as come up with lots of fun and different innovative ways to do this:

"The ongoing project now exists to further develop this devising process, and to work with a wider range of authors and community groups to create literary performance that is engrossing, democratic and enlightening, without losing sight of the essential nature of the book and the author.

The ReAuthoring Project seeks to reinvigorate the reader’s encounter with the author, moving away from the traditional reading, towards something with more appeal to new audiences. We work within a wide range of media to achieve this."

But there is no reason why writers can't do this for themselves.

With the help of my ten year old daughter we came up with the idea of a 'poem in a bag.' We have distributed them to The Writers @ Lovedean, my daughter put a price on them of course! She may be small but she is a capitalist and did spend hours making them to a very high standard. The poets in the group are then able to print out their work, and pop it into the bag. The authors details, web pages and blog addresses are on the bag in case the reader wants to find out more.

Some of our members are also experimenting with multi media.

What exciting times we live in...


  1. What excites you about the potential for less traditional reading?

  2. I think it is watching how my ten and twelve year old view reading. They don't just read the beano and dandy plus a few library books. There experience has been a lot more interactive. But they have read more because of it