Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying to protect ourselves from rejection

It's my 13th Wedding Anniversary today. My husband did his annual 9:13pm Asda card run last night and I was awoken to a beautiful bunch of flowers. He took our daughter to school - lie in on a week day - and then made loads of appointments to see prospect clients next week.

That may not sound like much but it was the best present I could wish for. I know that for someone with a shy disposition it is a mountain of an achievement picking up that phone. I'm hoping it's because he's going to the gym which is something he's loves which in turn has improved his confidence and self esteem. It's strange how someone else can have more faith in you than you do yourself.

We both tend to feel nervous arranging these meetings. I suppose it's because neither of us have a sales background and it is another example of being outside your comfort zone. Also, when a job or your livelihood is on the line the pressure adds up.

It always surprises me how many writers are reluctant to send off their work to competitions, publishers or agents. It's a confidence issue. My view as always been that in the grand scheme of things as disappointing and sometimes devastating the rejection is at least it's not a phone call or interview rejection.

I was pleased to be booked by Portsmouth City Council to run a writers course for the 60+ in October. I know some would find that nerve racking but I love running workshops.

And then I realised that perhaps for me a rejection through the post isn't the end of the world but for someone else criticising their writing hurts them to the core. It illustrates my point that different individuals get nervous at different challenges. But if you can you should 'feel the fear and do it anyway.'

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