Friday, July 6, 2012

I told you so

I am working hard to understand how to use social media to its best advantage both for the business and my writing career. However, it is interesting how things like Facebook and Twitter is seen with fear or distaste by those who don't use it. There is a negative side to everything, nuts in all walks of life. But it is not the social media, it is the person using it for an unpleasant purpose, and it's not a new phenomena, remember poison pen or chain letters? Just recently, a member left the writing group but sent an unpleasant email to members before she left.

At lunch a member of my group said she was considering using Facebook, but still has reservations.  Another promising writer who never sends her work out, mentioned she felt inadequate when it comes to the thought of tweeting or blogging. Who, she asked would want to read anything I want to say?  I don't know, maybe the list of people eager to catch up with her for a drink.

I can't believe that a couple of years ago these same people weren't struggling to get their heads around how to email or text. How to use power point or the electronic attendance register. Before that no doubt it was the challenge of which way up to put the paper in the fax machine.  If you want to learn, you jump in and have a go. But all learning needs to be done when you are ready.

Now my told you so moment...

A new publisher Grit City Publications, have on their submission guidelines: will only accept authors who provide links to their Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles in the body of their email enquiry. Payment and rights are negotiated, the bigger your list of social media followers the higher up the pay scale you go.

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