Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad backs and dreaming time

I took the opportunity of a break in the rain on Sunday to run out and cut the grass. But since the wheels on our lawn mower are wonky I tried to sort of carry/push the mower through very long dense wet grass. It resulted in me hurting my back again.

On my own special recovery programme of hot patches and paracetamol I've still managed to go see potential clients with my husband. This morning since our first meeting is at eleven he offered to take our daughter to school, so I decided to write my blog lying down while exercising. (Moving and stretching my legs in bed and saying Ahhh with a seasoning of swear words.)

The silver lining is my chance to do some 'dreaming time.' I've been on lots of meet the author events and many talk of how they get their ideas and do their plotting while walking the dog. In fact it was one of the reasons I looked forward to getting our Westie. But dog walks don't work for me. Maybe it's because although he comes back on command, mostly. He had a terrible habit of stealing other dogs balls, peeing on puppies, and jumping up and leaving paw marks on anyone wearing light trousers. I think now he's two he's settling down. But some of the walks have been stressful times.

For me I like to be cocooned in my duvet and let the story lie gently unfold like a movie. The stolen bed time is the best. Those few moments during the snooze button is when my imagination really fires up. The jobs on the today's list hasn't got into action yet and like weeds fighting to invade a garden my mind is alive with story ideas.

Today I'm aware of hubby making the girls breakfast. I feel guilty, but not guilty enough to hobble downstairs to help. And I was thinking about November. Which in the writing community is 'the write a novel in a month.' I had a go in around 2005-6? It wasn't a well thought out novel and I got caught up in just focusing on the word count. So this time I've started plotting a YA novel. I've filled a file with pictures and plot ideas. And I'm hoping to take a bit of time between meetings in Winchester to take some more photos today.

Which brings me neatly back to my original problem of actually managing to get out of the damn bed in the first place! No pain no gain.

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