Thursday, July 12, 2012

Keeping track of those submissions

In the past I've always used a spreadsheet to track my submissions but since the demise of my laptop I haven't kept the proper records.

Today I found a useful site called: which I thought I would give a try.

Duotrope is an award-winning free resource for writers of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction that offers a fully searchable database of over 4,175 active publishers, statistics on publishers’ response times, acceptance-rejection ratios, etc. Plus, it gives you the ability to create organized lists of all your submission-ready material, track your submissions, and continue writing and submitting accordingly.

According to Duotrope’s site, the process goes something like this:

When you have written and edited your work of fiction, you enter the details of that piece (length, genre, subject, etc.) in the Search form on their main page.

Then you check the list of search results to find markets that might be a good fit for the story. Not all the markets in the search results will be. So that you don’t have to comb through too many markets, they recommend that you finetune your search to match what you are looking for.

You still need to do your research and visit the websites of the publications that interest you to get a better feel for them. Closely follow the submissions requirements and procedures of the publication(s) where you choose to send your piece.

Lastly enter the submission through their Report Submission and track it through the Submissions Tracker.
When you have received a response, update your submission through the Submissions Tracker.

If it wasn’t an acceptance, repeat steps 1-5. If it was, GREAT! After an appropriate amount of time has passed, you may want to look for reprint markets for the piece.

I've also sign up for a weekly Duotrope newsletter for the genre that interests me which will hopefully announce newly opened and closed submission periods, contests, newly launched or newly finished publications.

And, it's free, although if you find the tool useful it's a good idea to donate something to the running.

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