Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh what a find!

I’m a shameless anal list maker who usually puts things into order of priorities and continues to try to complete the work mountain until I fall over.  But today I spent an hour messing around trying to make a badge or widget for my web page.  It is beginning to have some sort of mysterious hold on me.  I have started to have the irrational belief that if I could just make a widget all by myself, all of my endeavours will magically work out and I will also win the lottery and wake up four stone lighter. 

Suddenly it’s nine and I haven’t set a task for tomorrows writing exercise.  The result is I have a surf and stumble on an amazing blog full of writing prompts.  Definitely a life saver and well worth checking out.

And in this copyright mad world the blogger made the following disclaimer:
Everything here has been uniquely created by published author Mike Sellars and can be used however you see fit, even as a component of, or inspiration for, a work you hope to publish.

God bless his generous spirit! 

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