Friday, March 2, 2012

Connecting with your reader

Whether or not you are selling a product in a non fiction article or writing fiction, you need to be able to connect with your reader. But it is a competitive market out there, and you know you there are many others who are competing with you.

I believe that to a certain extent a good story feels like a testimonial, without actually sounding fake.
The writing exercise my group did today centered on ‘fear.’  We were a mixed group of eleven, of different age groups and background.  Yet when asked to make a list of our fears there were striking similarities. Each writer was asked to read out their personal lists of fears which included; losing a loved one, serious injury and dependency, concerns for our children as well as personal fears such as mice and memories of black and white Dr Who episodes.  We understand fear, anger and loneliness and it may just be the universal truth that will cause a bond between you and your reader.

Ultimately, connecting with your reader is a combination of telling the truth about your own experiences and highlighting points that will draw your reader in.

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