Sunday, March 11, 2012


It’s been very relaxing Sunday, for once. Instead of being up and out it was a morning of quiet reflection, a lovely lunch with friends and an afternoon with bits of paperwork needing to be completed but with time plenty of time to reflect. 

Last night was a very special evening and I think I have thought of a useful exercise for The Writers @ Lovedean to do.  Suppose we write a story and then give it to someone else to read out loud.  It would be a way of seeing how someone else interprets it.

Yesterday I and a few members of the writing group went to a workshop by Courttia Newland.  He’s a playwright and published author of novels and short stories, Courttia is also a highly experienced writing tutor.
It was an interesting session and we got an opportunity to do lots of writing exercises, but unfortunately very little time to read out our work.  One interesting exercise was to give information about our character to a partner and then get them to write part of the story from there perspective. 
I was shocked and a little bemused to see that when I gave a scenario of a marriage in turmoil to my partner, she decided that my character would leave her husband.  I had not even considered that possibility.  I just think it was a pity that the course was just a few hours long when it would have made a great day course.

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