Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dreaming Time

I felt under the weather today. So after the kids went to school, with the knowledge that our first appointment was 1.30 I curled up with a hot water bottle for an hour.  I felt too rough to read, or sleep but I did manage to have a little dreaming time.  I thought about an idea I had for a novel and never really started it.  Yet just lying quietly in the dark my mind wandered and managed to explore a few possibilities. 

One of the reasons I got a dog was because of the numbers of writers who say when they are out walking they get an opportunity to think.  They obviously don’t own my dog which needs constant supervision.  

Of course I didn’t have time to write my ideas down, we had an appointment plus we needed to try and get some clients to come to the CPD seminar we are running next week.

And of course time was taken up by the fact that the dog I bought to help me gain daily thinking time, had tunnelled under the girls play shed and wouldn’t come out.

But the point is, it's absolutely vital to have that time to let ideas flower in your mind.

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