Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disney, White Rabbits and Technology

I’m getting ready for a trip to Disneyland Paris.  We're late setting out. My husband is desperately packing which used to be my job but was never apprieciated.  So instead of helping I made sure I submitted my story, Love Bites which was read out by White Rabbit in Winchester before I go to Ether Books.

I still haven’t heard back from some of the stories I submitted earlier in the month but the guidelines say it takes up to 90 days. 

Also I’m pleased that I managed to create a ‘group’ on facebook for my writing group.  I suppose it’s not much of an achievement in the great scheme of things but if I want to be successful I need to know how to make the most of technology available. 

I was glad to read some of the writers comments from the writers about the workshop lead by authors Leslie Tate and Sue Hampton.  It was an interesting session, led by two very friendly approachable authors.  Leslie Tate has been nominated for the people’s book prize.  You can read an extract of his novel Frontliners and vote on the link: and click on the left hand side Fiction Titles

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