Monday, May 21, 2012


What a wonderful start to the day. My stories Peace Lilies is published on!

Then coffee with two fabulous writers for a lesson on how to tweet. Unfortunately we kept drifting in and out of the free wireless network. Next job on the list - 3G instead of wireless! I officially had a go at tweeting. Tweeting holds no fear for me anymore.

So I'm excited, motivated and ready to go, my first commitment to post weekly on #Fridayflash. I worked this afternoon, but returned home, looked at the screen, and had a blank moment. I hadn't retained anything ahhhh.

But checked my emails only to find a detailed reminder all typed up for me to follow explaining how to post and tweet- what a thoughtful thing to do!

I'm thinking of starting a sub group to The Writers @ Lovedean which is focused on the red editing pen, and getting ready for publication.

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  1. Congrats on your publication on 1000 words. Don't forget to share your Twitter id on your blog, hint hint! You can actually get apps like that one you have for Facebook.