Thursday, May 24, 2012

Candy the Dandie

I thought I had the perfect opportunity to sneak in a bit of writing during a working week.  How hard can puppy sitting for a friend be?  Candy is a lovely, fluffy little 15 week old Dandie Terrier.  I’d never heard of the breed before.  For those unfamiliar, they are short and long.  The way she moves reminds me of an otter and for people old enough to remember ‘Never Ending Story’ think Luck Dragon.  Bless her cotton socks she wasn’t hard to mind, in fact apart from a little tumble down the slop in the garden she slept most of the time.  But I can’t possibly describe how loud this small ball of fluff could snore!  Think fifty plus overweight male after seven pints of beer, sleeping on his back. 

I did manage to finish my Flash Fiction – still not happy with it!  And start plotting my historic fiction competition.  So moving forward….

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