Tuesday, May 15, 2012

RIP Megane

Well, we took the car to the garage to be told that it was unfixable.  It is amazing how reliant we are on technology and how it throws a complete spanner in the works when something goes wrong.  Not that we have ever been good car owners, if there was a social services for car abuse we would have been locked up ages ago.  But at least we tried with this car - we had it serviced, new tryes and filled the tank and then, and only after it let us get it to the full mark did it decide to die.  Ungratefull little ........   To think they call cars 'she'!

I've only just had to replace my computer.  But I never thought for a moment about the idea of writing a full novel by hand, like some authors do, or walking my daughter six miles to her local primary school.

So the next thing on the agenda is thinking of a way to raise some cash, does anyone fancy buying a kidney?

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