Friday, May 18, 2012

At first light - FridayFlash

Sick child! So I had to get a friend to open up The Writers @ Lovedean. It was a work week but luckily I had already done my planning. The activity today was based on secrets.

I was determined that this week I was going to post on Friday Flash, an open group for writers on Facebook. Since I gave myself an excuse week, I was determined today. It may not be my best piece of writing, a total of four hours sleep last night, but not all at once. So I wrote this watching my little girl sleeping. And posted it when I could.

At first light
At first light she peeled off the sick sodden quilt. With a damp flannel she mopped her brow, put a little talc on her goose-bumped sweaty skin and changed her pyjamas. She opened a window as the sun crept over the fields to lower the temperature in the room. And watched her daughter, this strange skinny woman child curl back into a thin cotton sheet, until finally, she whimpered her way back into sleep.

These days would come to an end. The posters on the wall will be gone. The toys out grown. And the room will be empty.

I know it's not fiction. But it is strange standing in a room with teddy bears, lipstick and training bras and I wanted to capture it.

I also had a go at a six word piece of fiction from The Ether Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Facebook page. My entry is below:

'I can explain.'
'Okay, explain.'


  1. A much drearier and even fatalistic story than I'd think to write from a child's room, but such events are inevitable. I hope your girl starts feeling stronger soon.

  2. I agree with John. Nice little piece, and hope you both get some good sleep soon.

  3. I am definitely dreading those days where my childrens' rooms are empty and quiet. This touched a nerve.

  4. Welcome to Friday Flash! Good on you for making the time to write it despite the lack of sleep.

  5. Nice job of capturing a poignant moment.

  6. A little sad, but things that like that have to happen probably.