Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Things

Well Sunday at six I banished my children upstairs and did my first webinar.  A very strange experience for technophobes but incredibly easy.  You just click on the link, make sure the sound is on and its Thunderbirds are go.  You can see all the participants’ names, see the links the hosts shows you and write little comments in a box at the side.  I was seriously impressed.  Not just with the technology but the fact that around tea time when I would usually be consumed by family life I took time to myself.  Hubby made a lovely tea, kids played happily I explored an exciting opportunity. Why did I panic about it?

ReAuthoring South East  is a new way of getting your work to new audiences.  Six lucky writers will get an opportunity to get a place on a residential programme to develop a piece of work.  That work will then be taken to festivals or a stand alone event.  It’s the kind of chance that makes you feel anticipation, fear and excitement all at the same time. I had written a sketelon outline of a ‘bio’ and ‘why do I want to apply’ piece but after listening to Katherine May on the seminar I’ve decided to rethink it. 

I’m going to visit a fellow writer tomorrow so she can have a little proof read of the story I’m going to send.     

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