Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Must do

X-Press Legal Services Conference, brilliant but I’m absolutely exhausted and haven’t slept since Thursday because of a mixture of hotel beds and too much on my mind.  I could have gone down stairs and turned on the laptop and done some writing, but it was cold and a bit scary so tossed and turned a lot.

I met Chrissie Lightfoot author of The Naked Lawyer, a very inspirational business woman with lots of good advice for using social media to support our business. But she also got me thinking about my writing.

Good news is that I have worked out what I want to write for the competition on Friday at The Writers @ Lovedean. 

Bad news is that with trips to council, school holidays and writing up the personal searches I haven’t had the time to write the story up. 

Met up with another writer today with the kids in the Play Planet – I was embarrassed to find that the reason I couldn’t get the Ether Books Apps is because I was trying to do it on my laptop instead of the phone. So embarrassed, it is obvious when you know how! Still it was nice to meet up with another Mum and well worth the lost writing time. 

My list of things I must do for myself is growing!

Get the Ether Book App and send some of my work there.

Buy the Chrissie Lightfoot e-book or even better get husband to buy it for the business and just read it for free!

Deadline for ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ Story Cabaret is 25th February.
Deadline for the Re authoring event 24th February. 

Hubby is finally feeling up beat and ready to make another marketing push with the business.  Thiswill be a lot of extra work for me. I don’t mind helping but wish he would push me forward in my plans and dreams.

Completely forgot – write the story for the competition on Friday!

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