Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Funny Sort Of A Day

 I woke up early and determined.  I wanted to do the ironing before I took daughter to school in the hopes of having this evening free for writing.  Wednesday tends to be the day I drive to Worthing Council to get my search information. 

But the day was eaten away gradually. I didn’t finish the ironing before school.  The dog decided to paddle in mud, so I washed him before I drove to Worthing.  When I got there some of the information wasn’t ready so I had a lovely lunch in the Lime café while I waited and sent business emails.  Next thing I know its 2pm. A quick run to Staples because we needed more paper.  Then I remembered my daughter as cookery tomorrow so quick dash to supermarket for chocolate chips. 

Get home finish ironing, eat tea, I still haven’t washed up and its 8pm! Hubby is typing up the reports, I’m exhausted and I have only written my blog.  Hopefully the fairy liquid will give me a second wind but in reality I’m not hopeful.  I should sweep up and mop before I go to bed…but I don’t it is going to happen.  Surely most other female writers run homes, businesses/work and write.

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