Thursday, January 2, 2014

Today's excuses for not exercising and how I ignored them

A beautiful clear day, so one would think I would be up for exercise. If you answered yes - you would be wrong. But I'm proud of the way I side stepped my usual excuses not to exercise. I'm doing Janathon with my very fit and always full of energy daughter

Today's Excuses
A phone call complaining about a church magazine I edit
Finding out that someone has put my home telephone number on a webpage!
Feeling generally annoyed
Hassle about a birthday party I'm organising for my 90 year old Great Aunt
Couldn't find my trainers
Back still hurting
Bike tyre was flat
Car tyre was flat
By the time we pumped up all the tyres it was getting late
Lots of people around where I wanted to ride my bike

I'm proud to say that I still went on a bike ride today. Mainly because I promised my daughter, but also because once I commit to a project I find it incredibly difficult to quit.  

I did one lap and had to stop because my heart was pounding, my back was hurting and I thought I was going to be sick. So I ditched the bike and walked the second lap.

Jessica did six laps and then went on to the BMX trail while she waited for me to finish.

In case there is any doubt I can honestly say I still despise bike riding.


  1. Well done you! I hate bike riding too and only use it as a mode of transport - never for exercise for pleasure. Hope that makes sense and hope to see you this Saturday at parkrun.

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