Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Halfway through Janathon

Halfway through Janathon!

This morning I went to a dance fit class and I enjoyed it so much I have pre paid for next week. I wish this class was held in the evening because I know my daughters would have loved it. My youngest daughter who is doing Janathon with me is finding it hard to fit in exercise around the school day. She signed up for her own dance class and it's been cancelled twice.

I'm still aching, but the pain is in my muscles not the joints. I think my general mobility is getting better, I didn't have a problem with all the steps at university last night. But I would be a fool if I didn't think there was a long way to go.

The best news is that I managed to get some writing done this afternoon and had my first pass at writing a picture book. I'm looking forward to yoga tomorrow. 

My daughter and I still haven't booked the badminton court, but we will.

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