Saturday, January 11, 2014

Be kind we are all fighting our own battles

Day 11 of Janathon- we are approaching the half way point. 

I completed Havant Park Run this morning - I'm still only able to walk the course. Once again I've been surprised by the warm welcome and support from other runners. 

I've learned a lot by mixing with runners. The biggest life lesson is that they all find it hard as well. They find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Dislike running in the rain. You can hear the pain as they run. Most of the people I have spoken to have told me it took a long time to build up their fitness levels and stamina. It's easy to think when you are over weight to believe that slim equals fitness. It so it's refreshing to realise that it isn't easy for anyone. 

Be kind we are all fighting our own battles

I feel a bit better today because I was disappointed by my progress during the week. Yes I've started yoga again which is good, but I didn't do as much as I hoped. Next week I've arranged to go to a dance class with a friend. I would ideally like to start walking the park run circuit during the week to get my fitness levels up. Plus it would be nice to do it without worrying about time or the helpers standing around. 

So mentally up beat and positive which is great news after having a couple of really down days mid week. 

Bad news, can't get my jeans on my knee is so swollen! 
And I'm very worried by the way when exercise comes in - writing goes out. 


  1. Never say 'only' - the parkrun course is 5K! That's a long way, and you did great to finish it. I would aim to break it up with shorter distances during the week though - don't usb yourself too hard.

    1. Thanks Dee - so you think one lap on Wednesdays?

  2. I'm so pleased you have nice park runners where you are. I avoid the park on Saturdays coz I hate them sooooo much. The dogs and I have been shoved, kicked, sworn and spat at because we are on the runner's "line" through the park and spoiling their times. Never met so many rude, self-obsessed people in my life! On the other hand I find taking the dogs for a solitary walk gives me loads of time for ideas to develop ready to write down (or at least scribble a couple of notes about) when I get home. Great opportunity for people and nature watching whilst still keeping moving at my own pace.

    You should be proud of yourself for all the efforts you are putting in to maintaining your physical, mental and spiritual health. You have such a busy life already so don't eat yourself up if you don't manage to do it all every day. Hope your knee feels better soon and doesn't stop you driving to Winchester on Monday.

  3. Thanks very much, although eating myself up has been half the problem ;)