Thursday, August 23, 2012

The High Life Friday Flash Fiction

Cassie laid her head back on the tiles and waited for the bubbles to rise. She couldn't believe that she hadn't crashed the health club before. It hadn't been hard, she reported her membership card missing when she stole the purse. She'd come in and let them take a new photograph for the new membership card. The beauty of it was that the fat cow she stole it from had only been to the club four times.

At first she worried that one day she would turn up and the membership would be cancelled, but listening to the complaints from the members she wouldn't be able to cancel for another eight months if she tried. Imagine paying all that money and never coming, Cassie loved it. She was desperate to find somewhere to have a hot shower when she decided to try her luck. She raided the lost property and got a bag and gym wear. Then she took a class or two it was better then roaming the streets, next thing she was hooked. Today was the first time she braved the pool and jacuzzi, hers hadn't been the sort of childhood that contained swimming lessons.

The pickings were fabulous at a health club the things these rich morons left on offer was unbelievable. Even if they did bother to put something in a locker it wasn't a problem, they couldn't even tell she had broken in.

A handsome man smiled, 'do you mind if I join you?'

Cassie broke into a large grin, 'please do, I love the hot bubbles.'

It was hard to judge how wealthy the guy was just in a bathing suit, still if he could afford this place he couldn't a bad mark.

'Have you been a member long?'

He had a tan to die for, he probably wintered in the sun, 'a few months. You?'

'I've been coming here for years, but I must admit its not the same.'


'Same as everywhere, falling standards, I don't know it's just not the same, things are going missing, it use to be like one big happy family.'

'Stuff going missing?'

'Yeah, phones, wallets and now someone is even breaking into the lockers, a lot of the members think it must be the staff because the locks aren't broken.'

'Well it's probably the staff then. I wish the bubbles would come on.'

'Yeah but we haven't had any new members of staff for ages, and it isn't the same people on when things go missing and we've been searching the female members of staff when they leave.'

'I'm getting chilly I think I should go and have a shower now.'

'No I think you should come with me.'

Cassie stood up, 'look I'm going to have a shower now, I don't like they way you've been talking to me, I may even decide to speak to the manger about you. In fact I may even leave this stupid health club if the staff are thieves and your jacuzzi isn't even working.'

'Miss as manger I welcome every new platinum member personally, but I didn't greet you. My staff aren't thieves and I can assure you that our jacuzzi is working, it's over there, this is the children's paddling pool.


  1. Ha just proves that crime doesn't pay! Nice story.

  2. If one is to indulge in crime, one must at least first examine where one is swimming.

    Did you mean "manger" in the final paragraph, or "manager" instead?

  3. Caught out in the neat twisty ending.

    I have to have some sympathy for Cassie though, harsh times can produce harsh people.

  4. She pushed it just a bit too far and got busted, as most criminals do. Nice piece.

  5. There's always a danger in pushing too far. She should have just settled for enjoying the comforts.

  6. Ah, people always get greedy, don't they?