Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reading The Naked Lawyer with anorak on

I still feel out of time due to the bank holiday and I'm trying to prepare for tomorrow. You see in the morning, me hubby and kids are getting into the car and going to Strafford Upon Avon. It's not for a fun day out, it is hopefully going to be a lot more productive than that. Hubby and I are going to our third training seminar with Chrissie Lightfoot better know as The Entrepreneur Lawyer.

We're both read volumes 5 & 6 of her book The Naked Lawyer and are ready to go. But despite the sexy title of the text book, self employment and family life can put a little downer on all the excitement. Five days work is being squeezed into three. My great friend Lynne is opening The Writers @ Lovedean. My mother in law has kindly agreed to drive down from Cheshire to watch the children all day in Strafford while we are in the seminar. I've made packed lunches for my girls. Nintendos and PSPs are currently charging to entertain the children on the two hour drive. And the dog walker just emailed to say she is unable to pop in and see the dog, so it will be Walkies at the crack of dawn. Plus hubby is still not sure of his personal brand.

But we both believe it will be worth it. Love it or hate it social media is here to stay. We both feel strongly that it is a case of keep up or go extinct.

It is so refreshing to actual read something and talk to someone who is up beat and excited about business. I particularly enjoy the concept of actually having a strategy regarding social media. Although Chrissie is primarily concerned with the business of law she understands why no one likes those individuals who only tweet, put up a Facebook message or use Linked in to try and sell you something.

I'm still working and thinking about rebranding myself. I like my new name and I've bought the domain for it. Now it is just a matter of pulling everything together in a professional manner. I still have a lot to learn.

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