Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Learning what is required, practice and mastery

My head hurts. I haven't washed up and I've said yes to my daughters friend coming for a sleepover.

The reason?

My on going mission to try and get my head around social media. Last night and today I have literally spent hours creating a Facebook page for The Writers at Lovedean. It was the timeline that was the problem, I wanted a fair representation of all the members success. The problem is that despite nagging people they don't keep their profiles up to date. So I had to spend time searching people on the Internet to find the dates of competition wins etc.

No matter what I did I couldn't work out how to put the photos in the timeline. It is my age old problem of trying to do the same thing as last time then remembering - often after nine or ten attempts - that last time I was using the app version of Facebook or using the safari version.

I've also opened a twitter account for the group, @writerslovedean. Plus I can confirm, and if there is a short cut please let me know, that to open a new twitter account you need a new email. I was told this by a fellow writer, but I didn't believe her. Legs between my tail I opened a new email and then the twitter account and finally a Facebook page. Obviously I'm hoping to follow the same process for mine and my husband's business.

The next thing on the agenda is a bit of group house keeping. The members bio page on The Writers @ Lovedean webpage looks terrible. Now that people can follow us on twitter and Facebook I can get on with making the leaflets for The Groundlings event.

The thing is when you are doing these things for the first time it is a long slow progress, but once it's set up maintaining it isn't as bad. I hope!

It doesn't matter if it's driving a car, baking a cake or social media it's still a process.

Learning what is required



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