Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Taking off the Super Mum Cape

Work up to no electricity. This time we did have a warning, but I forgot! Why? Because I'm tired. And for the first time in a decade a little hung over. 

If a good night's rest seems like a faraway dream, welcome to motherhood. The season of having children sometimes seem to require more of us than we have to give. I get the feeling of desperation that sometimes overwhelms tired mums. This morning I needed to think how to survive--and thrive--when you're one tired mama.

My girls are frantically Ebaying, doing homework which requires every available counter space, and now making their our gift wrapping paper! I sometimes wonder if these schemes are thought up for no other reason than to annoy me. I have washing that I'm trying to dry draping off every available inch of space, and a dog who likes to bring his 'kills' into the house.

I've decided to take off the cape. You know, the Super Mum cape. I am human. I cannot do it all. The years of caring for children (and that includes teenagers) are demanding, but they are not forever. I don't want to miss them by trying to impress people or prove something, thereby working yourself into the ground.

I have decided to simplify. We're in an extra-tiring season of life, I am looking at what I can do-or not do-or change to simplify. So for the moment I'm planing very simple meals, saying no to outside activities for a time, and trying to at stay home more and commit to less.

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