Sunday, November 17, 2013


A writing career is rather like spinning plates. 

When you first begin writing, you quickly find it isn’t enough to keep one writing ‘plate’ in motion. If you want regular work, as soon as one piece is accepted, you need to send out more queries, then maintain the momentum while waiting for replies. 

Tonight, while sending my confirmation of ownership, I've just sent out a proposal for a new teaching resource. 

I do live performances. Yesterday, while chasing invoices for my last job, I was trying to get booking for summer 2015. 

Next you need to know about current trends and network like mad. On Monday I will be going to the 'Business of Writing' Seminar and then it's the SCBWI conference this weekend. More spinning. 

All I really want to do is sit, and write stories.  I'm keen to write the story I've chosen for my MA. I need to get my rational down, do more academic reading. Unfortunately, these activities become another spinning plate.

The only way to keep those plate spinning is to be as organised as possible, to be honest I feel surrounded by broken crockery at times. I worry that I get stressed and snappy with my family. I become frustrated with people who don't properly understand the pros and cons of the industry. 

I have ideas on how I can streamline, and become more organised. But I can't stop or the plates I'm spinning at the moment with crash at my feet. I think the best thing I can do is try hard, but invest in a bit of superglue. 

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