Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A bit of motivation from Sarah Lean

Yesterday, Sarah Lean visited my MA class. What a treat! Despite the fact she had been stuck in traffic for hours, you could see the positive energy hum all around her body. Although she touched on her own personal journey, she did not yap on about how great she was. Instead, Sarah was full of real writing tips.

It soothed me to find another writer who could clearly hear her characters voices. I was particularly interested in the amount of rewrites she needed to do. She stressed the importance of only being able to write the beginning after you have finished the book. 

She offered some great advice on deconstructing sub plots, I might give it a try. When you come across an interesting sub plot, trace the thread of the story back to see how it worked. I'm digging out a few of my Darren Shan young adult novels to have a go. 

My youngest daughter adored Sarah's book, 'A Dog Called Homeless,' I bought two of her other books as presents for my girls. They were so excited at receiving signed copies.

I'm feeling up beat and motivated to get some serious writing done. And, I'm feeling rather smug at the fact that I've had a bit of a stab at my rationale for my assignment. In am in the mood for getting some homework finished. Yeah! 

Unfortunately, I suspect I may be having a day out at the hospital tomorrow. Soon I will have visited so often I will be on first names terms with everyone. But at least the time I should be safe from the prodding and poking. This time it's my youngest daughter. Is the sprained wrist a fracture? That is the question. 

If she's still in pain in the morning I will be spending a few hours in A & E.  Even if it isn't fractured and it does feel better in the cool light of day, I think I will be witnessing some awesome acting and spending a few hours at - you guessed it - A & E.

Never mind, J K Rowling is famous for her coffee shop stories. Best selling novel written while waiting for a camera to be shoved - hem - maybe not.

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