Saturday, July 20, 2013


According to the hype Wattpad,

'is the world’s largest community of readers and writers. It’s the free and fun way to read on the web and across all mobile devices. Everyday millions of people use Wattpad to read unique new fiction or share their own creative writing. For both avid readers and aspiring writers, Wattpad is the best place to discover and share unlimited stories. It’s the only community that offers a mobile, social, eReading experience.

Wattpad’s vision is to revolutionize the way people read, write and share stories. All the content on Wattpad is created by its community of users. So far, over 5 million stories have been uploaded to Wattpad spanning all genres of creative writing - from mystery, to romance, sci fi, poetry and fan fiction.'

Fellow writer, the talented Lynne Stone, shared a newspaper article about Wattpad and we decided to give it a go. I downloaded the App, wrote my profile and managed to get my picture on it. I was feeling pretty technically savvy at this point. I carefully chose a short story and then I hit the brick wall. I couldn't publish it. The next problem I found was that most people designed fantastic front covers to their work. I won't lie my first attempt was pretty rubbish. The story is a twisted tale about social media so I struggled to think of a good cover design. Then fate stepped in - I nipped into Phones4U only to become inspired by their wallpaper.

I've just published my story. It's taken me about a week to get it working, and only after i sought a bit of techie help. So I'm still unsure about the whole thing, but it's definitely worked for some. Abigail Gibbs, 18, who started writing a book aged 14, released chapters of her novel online, and the book eventually received 17 million hits. So I thought why not, I put on a short story and the result looks like this. Mine is a sci fiction story, all about the dark side to social media. 

WriterBizWoman posted a story!
or open in Wattpad app: 20427116

WriterBizWoman is my twitter handle. I don't know if the link will work from the blog - but worth a go. I will let everyone know when Lynne Stone's stories are available - unless an agent finds us first! 

Lynne Stone's books will be available soon. So you will be able to enjoy the fun tales of the star crossed lover Dave's adventures to find love and independence.

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