Monday, July 1, 2013

Re-assess, review and get a clearer perspective.

When I still lived up North we had a rather fat hamster called Custard Cream. He got to big for his old cage, he couldn't even squeeze through a empty loo roll tube so we bought him one of those 'rather expensive for what they are' space cages complete with plastic tunnel. Custard liked the wheel but being rather obese would do a couple of turns then get off. One morning I came down stairs to a fat dead star shaped hamster stuck inside a plastic moulded wheel. I'm not sure what happened but I believe he got on but couldn't jump off the moulded wheel.  He was stuck, forced to run, never able to  leave. From the look of him and, I must admit I have no medical training, it was a heart attack - but he still couldn't stop running. I just want to add in case anyone is thinking of buying a hamster that the moulded cages look great but, it is nearly impossible to get the body out. I had to engineer a pencil and pipe cleaner tool and, even then was forced to shake the cage. I won't lie, he didn't look good for the funeral.

So rather than try to overcome the obstacles in my life. Today they included a new teen unwilling to go to school, ripped trousers, muddy dog, bird wing, nausea  and no electric. I have decided to take a step back.

It is easy to forget that, just because you keep pushing on with the daily grind, it doesn’t mean you are moving forward to the results you really want in your life. And when the brown stuff hits the fan, the ‘push through it’ mindset could actually be detrimental to your end results.

So I have come to Portchester Castle which has great toilet facilities, a ice cream van for a can of something cold and beautiful views, in the hope of gaining a chance to re-assess, review and get a clearer perspective.

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