Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Groundlings Theatre are looking for writers.

I  popped along on Thursday morning to the new writing group at The Groundlings. Theatre Manager, Jim Wringe explained there are lots of yummy opportunities for writers, poets, actors and actresses at The Groundlings Theatre. On this first morning, four writers, pens posed, went along to find out what's going on, myself, William Sutton, Zella Compton and a beautiful young writer called Heidi. It is definitely worth pushing your head around the door next Thursday (11am)  just to write in such atmospheric surroundings - anyone with a camera would love it.

We were lucky enough to be given a tour. It really is a unique theatre. Not many places can boast that Charles Dickens mother water broke there.

They are looking for writers to write short pieces for the following, however more opportunities will arise. 

The Umbrella Festival
9th 10th August 

South Sea Show
Involving the Kings Theatre & Groundlings 
3rd 4th of August 

Kangaroo Club
Storytelling/acting club for children 

Portsmouth University Ball 
21st July  - one liners short pieces for the 
Mad Hatter,  Narnia characters fantasy & woodland sort of thing.

The Dockyard Festival of Christmas (which is the biggest in Europe)
Its theme used to be Victorian - but now focusing on Sherlock Holmes Sweeney Todd Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe. 
The pieces must interact with crowd. 
It is open air theatre 

Horror stories for October 'Halloween Ghost Scary Walk around the theatre'- make it funny, different & quirky - timings - short because of people's attention span. 

They are happy to do book launches for successful writers out there - so definitely an excellent networking site..

They have actors, sets, costumes - everything you need to put your work on stage, it's  worth investigating the possibilities.

For more information contact Jim Wring, Theatre Manager, The Groundlings Theatre.

Members of The Writers at Lovedean will be performing at the theatre on Friday the 9th of August. 

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