Friday, October 19, 2012

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

Searching for a peaceful oasis of calm, beautiful scenery and places to write in the autumn sun The Writers @ Lovedean had its last Write Out Day at Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. It rained. However, grey skies and damp trousers could not crumple a wonderful and informative trip. We had planned to separate, write and then regroup. That way we could have a little word tour of the buildings that inspired us. However, and I am tempted to gain credit for this, we were lucky enough to have a guided tour by curator Julian Bell. He pointed out things we would have easily missed. It was fascinating to see how these buildings have lovingly been rebuilt in the beauty of the South Downs. For me the highlight was the watermill. I have been fascinated by them since childhood. Maybe it was Windy Miller in Camberwick Green that started my love of flour mills, even those which use water instead of sails.

I think the group as a whole enjoyed Weald & Downland jewel in its crown the impressive Bayleaf House. It was certainly nice to be out soaking up the autumn colours.

I was hoping to get an idea for another poem to submit to Writing Hampshire. I would love to put Weald & Downland on the poetry map. However, I found myself taken up with ideas for the young adult book I'm planning to write in November. I think I might try and find time to sneak off and visit again alone. Despite having a wonderful time with a great set of writers I was itching for some writing time.

I would definitely recommend a visit :

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