Thursday, October 11, 2012

60+ Festival Portsmouth

Portsmouth City Council were running a 60+ festival during the first two weeks of October. On Wednesday 10th I ran a creative writing workshop focusing on the senses through the written word.

When I got to the central library I was unnerved to find that the library had no clue to the fact I was booked. I must admit to feeling anxious when I was wondering round from one member of staff to the other trying to find out where I was located. Luckily I was early and once I found a catalogue of events I eventually found my room.

Remembering The Hitch Hikers Guide of the Galaxy and Arthur's attempts to find building plans at his local council? I was sure no one would turn up and I was pleasantly surprised by ten 60+ people with pens and papers.

It was a great afternoon. Everyone was so enthusiastic about the exercises. When we had a tea break I insisted we all bring our cups back to the classroom and enjoyed a chat. In a group of ten seniors, four had spent most of their working lives abroad in places like Singapore and Australia.

I was leading an exercise challenging the way you interact with the world and I had a lesson to learn myself about first impressions. I certainly wouldn't have guessed the adventures these ladies had experienced if I I had bumped into them in the queue at Tesco's.

They were pleased with the improvements they had made to their fictional characters and I came away with a few ideas for new characters of my own. Definitely a win win situation.

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