Thursday, October 4, 2012

RESILIENCE by Jessica Comley aged 10

My Mum, Charlotte, has asked me to be the first guest blogger for her blog. What I'm going to talk about is Resilience.

On Monday a few weeks ago in September, I was elected House Captain of Emeralds. In my school we are split into 4 groups, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies and Topaz. Since Year 1 I have tried out for various voted elections such as school council, green team and other school offices. In Year 6, this year, I tried out for School Council... I lost. It was one of my friends, Elisha. Then I tried for Eco Council I lost. It was a boy, called Harry. Then I tried out for House Captains. I won!

Each time I have tried out I have been desperate to win. I have tried lots of different campaign strategies such as making posters, leaflets, bookmarks and things. I have brought in sweets and cakes. I spent time thinking about my speeches and practicing them. There have been occasions where I have believed things haven't been fair such as last minute rule changes. I have had friends promise they will vote for me and then I have had to put up with the painful hurt of them then voting for someone else.

When I have lost I am bitterly disappointed and I have cried and been very sad. If you are serious about trying out for something and you are serious about success you have to care about winning more than anything.

I am writing this blog after having a chat to my Mum about the comments made by other grown up writers. I wrote the first draft of this while watching my Mum try out for The Pint Pot of Fire. The writers at Alton are the same as writers in Lovedean.

What is the point of sitting around and whining about how hard it is to get your book accepted by a publisher? If you grown up writers don't get picked you can publish the book yourself.

If a primary school child wants to be elected and isn't chosen, that's it! Why did I succeed? RESILIENCE!

You may also want to think about what happens if you moan at school about not being elected. You get told off by your teacher, your friends think you are a bad loser and the person who won feels smug that you are jealous. This then reduces your chance of winning the next election.

So remember only cry at home to your Mum and sister. Make sure people can't see jealousy on your face. And if you are serious about get published, be serious about it. Try your best and try again!


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  1. Well done Jessica on succeeding! And you've put it brilliantly for adults too. I've known a few people who should be reading this and learning.