Friday, February 17, 2012

Winner Takes it All


Yippee won the valentine competition at The Writers @ Lovedean this morning, and even though I run the group, what the hell I’m pleased.  I actually used an exercise I learnt on the Della Galton workshop in Fareham to write the winning story.  I listed all the permutations of the love story, boy meets girls, girl meets boy, girl meets girl and then tried to think of an original angle.

I’m writing this with my heart happy and lifted.  After a harrowing evening of throwing a birthday party for my ten year old child, crafts games and of course karaoke, which was a strange ten year old mix of ABBA and 'That’s not my name' in the style of the Ting Tings and 'Single Ladies' in the style of Beyonce.  Am I the only person to notice that when you actually read some of the lyrics to some of the teen pop songs they’re a bit dodgy...

Afterwards I just crashed.  But despite being lovely and warm in bed I decided to get up and write my blog and I’m glad I did.  While writing, my lovely shy husband is singing Wonderful World with the Karaoke.  Just when you think the family is going to drive you crazy, the children do something wonderful and thoughtful and you remember why you fell in love with your other half.  

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