Thursday, February 9, 2012


Horrible day today, spent most of the day in tears due to arguments with husband, and youngest daughter, not two mention the trip to Southampton Council and the struggle to buy Moshi Monsters for my youngest daughter’s birthday.  Feeling the lack of TLC from other people I weakened and had a Big Mac Meal plus the Apple and Blackberry hot pie.  We are attending a conference in Manchester on Saturday and leaving for the four hour drive after work tomorrow.  Packing needs to be done, for me and husband, the girls, and bizarrely for the dog because he is staying in someone else’s house. 

I am very proud of myself for posting the entry for the Make ‘Em Laugh competition.

When I checked my emails I was pleased to see one of the group members have been published on Ether Books a mobile publisher producing ‘byte size reads’.  I hadn’t heard of them before but I will definitely be checking out their guidelines.

Next objective is to give my story ‘Love Bites’ a good edit before sending it of to a story cabaret.

Hubby didn’t say much about the early arguments but made one of his amazing stir fry’s with his egg fried rice that you could die for.  And I’m hoping that me and youngest daughter will have a kiss and cuddle before she goes to bed. 

I have read so many articles about women writers with five children who get up at six in the morning to write, and then they run, prepare organic meals and make their own curtains.  Arrrrrgh…..

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