Friday, February 10, 2012


Nine o clock, we have left the girls for one night at their grandparents and are spending the night alone together in an hotel. First night alone since Brownie Pack holiday when the girls went away together. This won't ever happen again because now one girl is in Brownies and the other is in Guides. Hubby is watching Hustle and I'm writing blog - need I say more.

Four and a half hour drive and time to mull over the events of the morning at The Writers @ Lovedean. We have a wide range of different type of writers. So as the group leader how do you deal with the rising talent in the group? Because this morning I heard some really talented stuff!

Luckily I had time for a think in the car. In life you are always going to come up against people with more talent and drive. It's how you deal with it. So, do I throw away what I'm writing at the moment, give in? Or do I see it as a challenge to keep upping my game. Certainly listening and talking to other writers who are having their own successes, large and small is inspiring.

The other advantage of having a guy who doesn't talk when driving is that I have finally got an idea for the valentine writing competition next week at Lovedean, theme 'Don't Break My Heart?' And another advantage of getting talented members in the group is one of the ladies has taken a childrens book I want to send off to agents to read and give me feedback. Great.

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